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You know what people should rp more around this time?

Oktoberfest stuff!

Just imagine, greasy food, lederhosen, pretty waitresses, party music and more beer than you could possibly drink in a lifetime.

That’s bound to get fun!

Reblog if you have that one RP partner you could roleplay all day/night with and not get bored.
PLEASE, PLEASE Reblog if You’re a Roleplayer That Believes Mun and Muse are Two Separate People.


my girlfriend thinks that everything my muse does is really ME doing it.

i’m trying to prove to her that there’s a whole community of us who recognize the huge, huge difference between mun and muse. please help me prove her wrong!



The video version of Underage Smut: It IS Illegal!

Lots of hard eye rolls in this one. Maybe because I’m just so done with this topic. GET LEARNED. BE EDUCATED.

This needs to be made more public to RPers.  Thanks, most of the people I write with are of age and have no desire WHATSOEVER to be labeled a sex offender.  This is why it’s so damned important that you all be honest about your age.  Sex is not that important.

It would be fun to see Bakulu have an existentialistic crisis with Craiah on the verge of making that contract and all.


Hello Tumblr! I’m Links the Shifter and I’m raising money to get on my feet and out on my own, so I’m opening up bundle commissions for the month of June!


 - One front and back fully colored reference sheet (For Roleplay blogs, OCT references, or whatever else you may need for your OC!)

 - One cluster page (A collection of expressions and poses, following along with the mannerisms of the character in question)

The bundle is 25$ flat rate for each character set, Paypal only. You can contact me at to discuss. 

Thank you and happy tumbling!

The First Day (St. Laughter)


"Ok good as long as I dont have to!" Craiah shivered "I’m just gonna stick around you is that ok"

Bakulu nodded “Yeah sure. I’m sure we’ll make a great team!”

The First Day (St. Laughter)


Craiah smiled widely and hopped up onto his toes, clapping his hands like an excited child “Oh this is gonna be great! Shame about the other two though…”

Bakulu smiled and waved it off “Pfft, we’ll let chatty numbers worry about them”

The First Day (St. Laughter)


Craiah laughed and stopped for the moment “So did you get the teams yet? I still havent looked at mine”

Bakulu blinked and took a piece of paper out of his pocket “Oh yeah… Lets see…” He smiled widely “We’re on the same team! Too bad we with mister numbers and those two freaks though”